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For Over 20 Years

Started in 2003 as The MTM Shopper, TOWN Values is a Publishing & Marketing Company.  We deliver local coupons and savings monthly via our direct mail magazines…saving our readers money and generating more sales for the local businesses served!

We have extensive experience in Magazine Publishing, Direct Mail and Digital Marketing.

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Full Color Magazines

We deliver high quality, full color, glossy magazines to increase shelf life and reader engagement.

Direct Mail Distribution

We deliver local savings to hundreds of thousands of mailboxes every month through USPS Direct Mail.


We offer 12 different mail dates throughout the year, per market to allow you to fine-tune your marketing efforts.

Local Area Markets
Magazines Mailed Per Month
20 K
Magazines Mailed Per Year
1 Million

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Increase traffic and gain new customers by placing a strong offer in TOWN Values. Our goal is to provide the highest return on investment of any local advertising. Get started now.

Our Locations

Check Out the Local Markets We Serve, Providing Targeted Distribution for Our Advertisers and Great Deals, Discounts, Savings & More for Our Readers.

Online Magazines

Find Your Local Deals, Discounts & Savings Now in Digitized Editions of All Our Magazines with Coupon Printing and Sharing Capabilities.


If You are Considering Advertising with TOWN Values, Then We Understand You Would Like to Know What to Expect. Check Out these Customer Testimonials.

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If you love to sell and want to help your community, then you may be the right fit for TOWN Values Magazine.