Athens / Watkinsville, GA

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Athens, Watkinsville, Bogart & Bishop, Georgia

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Mark Mohan
Tel: 706.248.4404

Athens and its surrounding areas are known as “Bull Dawg Country”, being home to the University of Georgia, it is truly one of the most beloved places in Georgia. At Town Values, we know the residents in this area have busy lifestyles. However, they are always supportive of local business…located more than 60 miles East of Atlanta, Athens and its surrounding communities including Watkinsville, Bogart and Bishop. They proudly boasts their own thriving economy that is perfect for TOWN Values Magazine to create a lasting impact.


As a locally owned and operated business, TOWN Values thrives on delivering savings to residents while increasing the sales of local businesses. We knew Athens would greatly benefit from our services. If you’re walking the shops in downtown Watkinsville or dining out on in Athens, our magazine offers savings in and out of each area. Our readers trust us to deliver valuable savings to their door each and every month, plus our current issue is always available online and is mobile friendly.

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