We have been working with Town Values for a few years now, and it seems that the longer we stay with them, the higher our ROI is! We have gained valuable leads from the magazine, which have led to repeat and referral business. We definitely plan to continue working with Town Values in the future!

Carly Sibley, Budget Blinds and Inspired Closets – Athens, GA 


TOWN Values Magazine (formerly The MTM Shopper) is a Great Bang for the Buck! As a customer for over 5 years I can honestly say why go anywhere else. I have tried them all and feel TVM may look like the others but with their quantity of distribution and quality of service they separate themselves from the others. I can do one mailing and hit all my demographics with TVM or buy 2 or 3 zones with others which in the end cost more money. As a small business owner for 25 years I realize you need to learn quick how to make the right advertising decisions. This one is a no brainer. Thanks TVM for helping me build my companies brand in metro Atlanta.

David Bartow – Executive Director – Karate USA Martial Arts Academy – Johns Creek, Georgia 

I have more clients say that they found us in TOWN  Values Magazine (formerly The MTM Shopper) than all other print advertising I do combined! People not only look at this publication, but they keep it around long after other magazines get thrown away. I believe it affords the most value of any publication of its kind. Even though my business is not one that I can do “coupons” for, TVM consistently helps to drive business to my door. The people at TVM are professional and very easy to work with. I highly recommend them!

John Lisenba – Owner – Creative Insurance Solutions – Grayson, Georgia 

We have been using TOWN Values Magazine (formerly The MTM Shopper) now for over 2 years and they have become our primary source for advertising. We are in 4 different TVM mailing zones, and the results have always made it worthwhile. Whenever our TVM ad hits the street, our phone call volume goes up dramatically. I strongly recommend TOWN Values Magazine to businesses trying to get the word out about their product or services.

Ed Klink – Owner – Winding Creek Kennels, Inc. – Winder, Georgia 

I can always tell the day your magazine (TOWN  Values) hits the mailboxes because my phone gets so overloaded with calls my voicemail fills up! I can’t call everyone back fast enough! It’s an awesome problem to have! The sales generated from those initial calls more than pays for my ad each month, and the sales in the future well that’s pure Profit!

Melissa Phillips – Owner – The Thin Wrap – Loganville/Monroe

We at Henson Mechanical owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to everyone at TOWN Values (formerly MTM). They have been a first class partner for us with our advertising efforts. As time has gone on, we have most definitely grown our business because of their hard work and efforts. We look forward to continuing this relationship in the future. We wish them nothing but the Best in their growth as an advertiser.

Jack Hanson – Owner – Henson Mechanical – Athens, Georgia 

TOWN Values Magazine (formerly The MTM shopper) is simply the best way to promote and/or advertise your business. In this area, whatever your business may be, it WORKS! The owners are very kind, and treat you like family, rather than a business transaction. The exposure you get with this company, is off the Charts, and you won’t be disappointed. We get new customers on a DAILY basis, due to this magazine!

Paige Wilbanks – Owner – Town & Country Pet Salon – Loganville, Georgia

We have tried many different forms of advertising, but NOTHING has ever produced the results that we get from the TOWN Values Magazine (formerly The MTM shopper). The staff there, has always bent over backwards to accommodate us any way that they can. We really can’t say enough about their great service. Honestly, we couldn’t imagine not advertising with them.

Joe Moran – Manager – S&H Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning – Loganville, Georgia 

This is the First year we have used the TOWN Values Magazine (formerly The MTM shopper) for our advertising needs. By far, we have driven in business more this year with the TOWN Values advertising than other previous expenses we have done with other advertisers. Thanks Katie and staff for having the TOWN Value available to us.

Tim Mullen – General Manager – Pin Strikes – McDonough, Georgia 

Since we have been using TOWN Values Magazine (formerly The MTM shopper) in March 2013, there has been a sharp increase in sales—particularly over the last 6 months. Our sales, services and installations rate has increased and remained steady, and we’ve met segment goals in each department 98 percent of the time, which is the highest it has ever been since the company has started 15 plus years. Thanks TOWN Values for helping elevate Angel’s Heating and Air LLC. to another level of financial success and customer quality!!!!

Angel’s Heating and Air LLC. – Henry County, Georgia 

Dear Marc, I would like to take this time to write the history of my business advertising with you. I started back when where the ribs are we’re down the street from me. It has been an advertisement for me that has worked. I own Absolute Tree & Stump Removal. I have referred many people to your company, because it has worked for me.I really like that any time I want a add change, you and your wife are so readily available. You sure can’t get that with the yellow pages. I currently advertising in 2 books. If anyone would like to call me for additional information please feel free to call.

Tracy Moon – Owner – Absolute Tree & Stump Removal – Loganville, Georgia 

When I started my business 4 years ago I knew I had to advertise to get exposure in my community.
I did my research and I chose to advertise with the TOWN Values Magazine (formerly The MTM shopper) . TVM provided both professional and affordable services to help me kick start my new business. 4 years later I continue to advertise and have recently branched out into running 2 ads in 2 separate areas. My success would not have been possible had I not teamed up with the guys at TOWN Values.

Chris Smiley – Owner – Bear Creek Home Improvement LLC – Loganville, Georgia 

We opened our business in November of 2007. We tried newspaper ads, advertising mailers and other types of advertising. What we were doing just did not seem to justify the cost of advertising. When Marc and Liliana approached us I was very skeptical of the value to advertise in the TOWN Values (formerly MTM shopper). But we gave it a try in two issues. It was not long before we were up to 4 then 8 and now we like to be on the cover occasionally. We found the distribution was excellent for our business and we have been a regular advertising with the TOWN Values.

David Bird – Owner/President – Creekside Sports Center – Loganville, Georgia 

Joe’s All American Grill has advertised with TOWN Values (formerly MTM Shopper) for over ten years. Obviously it has been a very successful relationship. Our customers have told us that they keep a copy of “THE BOOK” in their cars. Would highly recommend using TOWN  Values as a part of any advertising campaign.

Rick Hoskins – Owner – Joe’s All American Grill – Grayson/Loganville, Georgia 

TOWN  Values (formerly The MTM Shopper) has been a great advertisement for our inflatable business. This is where we get most of our local business from, we have advertised here for several years and will continue to do so.

John Poole – Owner – Bunches of Bounces – Loganville, Georgia 

I recommend advertising with TOWN  Values (formerly The MTM Shopper). Michael and his team is very good at making your phone ring. If you do not have graphics for an ad then just tell Michael and they will come up with one and you can either approve or disapprove. It is a brainstorming process. There is no silver bullet of marketing; but TOWN  Values is definitely a good bet on your ROI.

Larry Bullard – Owner- Appalachian Karate Academy – Lawrenceville, Georgia 

Here at The Little Gym of Snellville, we’ve been advertising in the TOWN  Values (formerly MTM Shopper) since 2008, and we always have a good return on our investment. We see more response from ads placed in TOWN Values than any other coupon ads we place.

Paul Mazurkiewicz – Owner/Gym Director – The Little Gym – Snellville/Lawrenceville, Georgia 

Efficient Cooling Concepts, Inc. owes TOWN Values Magazine (formerly MTM Shopper) a big Thank You for their advertisement opportunity, which helped to raise our sales by 30% over the last 9 months. I highly recommend TOWN Values as an advertisement tool. Customers have been responding regularly to our discounts and incentive coupons which come out on a monthly basis.

A Marie Camalier – Office Manager – Efficient Cooling Concepts, Inc. – Gwinnett County, Georgia 

We LOVE TOWN Values Magazine (formerly MTM Shopper)!!! We have been with TVM for five years now and every time it comes time to renew there is no question about whether or not we are going to. TOWN Values is beneficial to Advertising and we are a very successful and growing business! If you are looking for some great local advertising where we promise you will have success, TVM is the way to go! Not only is the advertising amazing, but so is the team! Your ad will look amazing and you will always be satisfied with the customer service! We plan to stay with TOWN Values forever!!

Joel and Megan Kirk – Owners – International Septic Tank Service – Rockdale & Henry County, Georgia 

Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience with the TOWN Values Magazine (formerly MTM Shopper). Our company has been working with your Team for years and we are pleased to say that while we have utilized other forms of advertising, we can count on real returns from the distribution of this mailer. Each month as it goes out, our leads and business inquiries increase. We can always look forward to our phones ringing as soon as they hit the mailboxes! Thanks for a consistent and successful product and service. We look forward to many more years of partnering with you!

Dax Ingram – President – Allsouth Landscaping Group – Gwinnett County, Georgia 

We have been advertising in the TOWN  Values Magazine (MTM Shopper) since 2009. During this time we have experienced significant customer growth which we contribute in part to TOWN Values. In fact our calls generated from the TOWN Values are so significant in our peak season that we reallocated our marketing funds so we could be in more issues.

Laura Kurt- Office Manager – Environmental Turf Management, Inc. – Gwinnett County,Georgia