About US

About US

For Consumers

Since 2003, TOWN Values (TVM – formerly The MTM Shopper) has been saving money for folks in the communities we serve with great deals from local businesses in a convenient, easy-to-read magazine format. Delivered directly to mailboxes each month, every edition of TVM is filled with coupons and savings from businesses in your local community. This ensures you’ll always be able to find a deal close to home. So whether you’re looking for a great meal, a AC service, or a hair cut, use TOWN Values to shop locally and save locally.

For Businesses

TOWN Values (TVM) started in 2003 as a direct-mail publication featuring local advertisers in Loganville, Georgia. The idea was to provide advertising opportunities to smaller local businesses to help them compete with larger national chains. Today, TVM publishes nine magazines and reaches slightly more than quarter million homes each month…our mission is still the same! “Provide affordable, effective advertising to local businesses with the best possible return on investment3

For Entrepreneurs

TOWN Values (TVM) offers local businesses quality advertising, focused on attracting repeat customers with maximum return on investment. TVM has been structured to provide you with the tools and management knowledge to effectively and profitably produce a monthly community magazine. The best part of being a publisher, no inventory, employees or retail location required to start. Make a difference to your customers, to your town and to your life with a TOWN Values franchise!